Reality Dream – Short Movie


While on my studies, me and several other people formed a group with a single purpose – to make a short movie. As a school project, we tried to gather as much experience as we could and to be honest I have never ever done something that much difficult in my life before. It took us at least half of the year making all the plans and preparatons for the shooting. But in the end, I am enormously grateful for having so much fun during the 4 days of shotting and I have a memories I won’t forget till the last days of my life!

And the result? See it for yourselves!

The Crew together

Crew: Jakub Říha (Camera), Péťa Antošová (Camera Assistant, Script), Markéta Křečkoví (Production), Blanka Antalová (Production assistant), Lukáš Zídka (director)

Actor: Matěj Vejdělek

Producer: GML – Grafická Multimediální Laboratoř

For more information visit the official website of the movie


Date 2014
Skills Direction, Scenario

Reality dream posterDirector in actionProtgonist in actionSmile on stage!Production is a tough job