Astral Romance

Astral Romance

An interstellar collision…

…is practically the coming together of two dead stars, which through the gravity force merge into one larger unit. While getting closer and closer, their combined mass exceeds the Herolisterian limit and carbo-ingol-irridium fusion reactions rapidly heat up the internal core of the stars, which leads to a supernova explosion. However, since the semi-permeable dust of nearby Dragon nebula consists mostly of degenerate matter, a huge reverse thermal overpressure starts to decompose the Bosons, making extremely unstable environment with a magnetic field trillions times stronger than that of Earth. This leads to a formation of what we know as a black hole.

Nevertheless, the whole process is something absolutely stunning.  Even in a matter of one or two milliseconds, the show will leave you speechless as all the words lose their meaning. Though, you might still have nearly two seconds to think about it until being torn apart by the accelerating time distortion.

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Author Skylooks

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Date July 7, 2009

Category Space Scapes

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Wacom Tablet 75%