Still Alive

Still Alive

…Imagine a fog so dense that no eye or device could ever see through. Imagine two colours you have never seen, dancing all over the place in a rhythm you have never heard. Feel the elusive lure of unrevealed, unexplored and unknown just in front of you. And then enter…

Imagine the cold surrounded you. Imagine a strange silence and deep stillness of nothing around you. You are lost in the middle of nowhere. You run. You try to scream for help but with no success. The air is becoming heavier and heavier as you continue to stray. You fall down on your knees and start to gasp. You realize there is no way out of it. Sadness tries to take its place but not for you. You don’t regret anything. All of your worries vanish away and your mind is clear and relieved as never before. You close your eyes, taking one last final breath. Then you open them again and see…

A similar story happened to the captain of redeemer class ship called Maedra. He was on his way  to Cornelian docks for a ship major overhaul, checking the status of their escape pods. Unfortunately, an explosion occurred, while the ship was in hyper-space, killing everyone aboard. Pod’s safety protocols, however, activated just in time separating it from the rest of the ship, keeping him alive. Running out of antimatter and supplies he decided to undertake an extremely risky flight through the unmapped part of the Misty Serene nebula in the outer rim of remote Balarg star system. A life support suffered severe blast damage and shut down after a while. In a space suit, he manoeuvred through the dense fog manually. Completely exhausted, with nearly no oxygen left, he flew out of the nebula and saw a spectacular view over the Ranchor Terrestrial planet system, leaving him with no doubts it was worth it.

Am I still Alive?  Or am I just dreaming?


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Artwork Details

Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date April 16, 2012

Category Space Scapes

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Wacom Tablet 79%
  • Terragen 2 12%


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