Something Sweet

Something Sweet


…that is what you feel while staring at the moon system of Inkar. There are numerous places worth visiting up there and this is definetely one of them. Serving as huge recreation area, many people across the galaxy come here to spend their holidays in peace. Lakes,mountains, clean and soft environment makes it ideal place for both sport and lazy kinds of visitors…it looks completely perfect to travel there,doesn’t it ? Well, obviously not many beings can afford the enourmous price to do so. Recreational centres are spread over the whole planets, using luxurious features including the massively expensive power-generators (NG-9666) to protect themselves before intruders (as the place is quiet popular among many pirate fractions out there). The idea of having few days off would cost your entire life-savings if you were middle-class. Fortunatelly  I’ve got a few free tickets because of this add I made and now you know me so…

…does anyone dare to take the trip of their life ?


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Artwork Details

Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date April 23, 2011

Category Terra Space

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Wacom Tablet 40%
  • Terragen 2 35%
  • Photography 15%
  • Cinema 4D 20%

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