Earth 2088 Home

Earth 2088 Home

Story part 1

Year 2088… Finnally, one of the human scouts from the Pegasus galaxy has reached the Milky way and found out the way to their home-world Earth which 10 years before, had lost a contact with. They didn’t know what happened, why does not the Tauri (Earth as they call it) respond through their stargate, so they’ve sent scouts to find it and re-establish the connection with their green mainland. As the ship come out of the hyperspace,there weren’t detected any lifesigns on the surface whatsoever. What the Hell is going one? Where is everyone? Captain of the scouting ship starts the landing procedure to find out the terrible truth..


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Artwork Details

Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date September 16, 2008

Category Space Scapes

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Wacom Tablet 55%
  • Anim8tor 20%
  • Cinema 4D 25%