The Sorrow

The Sorrow


…the whole universe. Easy huh? Okay, nevermind – starting from scratch.
…Imagine each solar system in outer space represents one’s life. Better? let’s get deeper. Imagine you as the only one habitable planet in your „solar system“. All life including your whole planet ekosystem cannot manage to survive without any light. All of your friends are represented by stars that float around. Stars are very important because thanks to reflection they are able to provide you some piece of light. With their help you may survive for some time. More stars are there, more light goes down on your surface -> your planet is more alive.

However, once you are born, you start to search for the massive light source, because you want to be as much alive as you can. Oh yes you begin to search for the SUN. Some planets are looking for their sun for their entire existence and they are very lucky if they succeed, other planets don’t have to because they find it very quickly or they have so many stars that they don’t feel like searching for it. Anyway the sun comes in various shapes. It depends on the type of you as a planet. For someone it’s represented by family, for another one by work or knowledges… but for the majority of us it is represented by Love. It’s the hotest and fierest light source in the universe which everyone one of us is trying to find. And the journey to discover our sun is a dangerous and lonely one.

And it’s much better to die among the stars trying to find the sun out than to freeze to death alone in emptiness… Yes you can live… but without your sun? Is it really life?


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Artwork Details

Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date December 31, 2008

Category Space Scapes

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Wacom Tablet 28%