The Last Fairy tale

The Last Fairy tale

An ancient story…

…goes along with this mysterious, unmapped part of the Orin galaxy. An ancient… well… a bit strange story. It is written that a charming star system exists somewhere out there. Lands, stars and planets rising up thanks to a magical light, emitted by enchanting nebulas. World as rich as you can imagine. Ranging from vast spectral storms down to a small semi-terrestrial moon rings. Plants you would love to touch, animals you would never believe in. That’s why have many space explorers made a lot of effort to find it. Without any clues, however, it’s very unlikely to be found and all the linkers were lost or destroyed in the last 4th millennium. With one exception. A very small piece of paper with a pictogram of red Heart, white dove and a black…hole.

Red heart implies a bravery and courage. White dove represents a symbol of peace and harmony. But what does the black hole stand for?

Travelling through a worm hole is just hypothetic. Scientists believe there is no way to survive such an extreme pressure and gravity forces and no one has ever made it back to argue them. Many have tried and many have died trying. Though, no one has ever made it back doesn’t necessarily mean that no one has ever made it through! What if the right combination of everything mentioned would be just enough to enter the wonderland? What if… look at the ship! It can’t be….  What if our dreams were alive?

Did I ever tell you, the very last of the fairy tails?


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Date August 29, 2010

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