Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

A man asked me: „Why are you so happy?“. „Why wouldn’t I“ – I replied.

Just look around as the sun goes down, people are smiling, breathing fresh air and listening to the miracle sound of the one thing we have – the life. Life is so beautiful. Even when we think it’s not, it is. Life is in our hearts and not in anybody elses. There is life in your heart. There is life in my heart. Can you just feel it? The energy, the vibe… the fire. You won’t take it away from me nor will you destroy it. I won’t let you.
It’s my heart. It’s my… FIRE!


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Artwork Details

Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date April 13, 2015

Category Space Scapes

  • Photoshop 100%
  • Wacom Tablet 100%

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