The Bright Sunrise

The Bright Sunrise

In our lives, we need joy and happiness. Through a single smile are we able to see the true nature of good itself. We would have no energy nor hope without it. It’s something that brings some light to our thoughts, something which is good and inspiring. But how does such an honest smile raise? Well it’s mainly due to small things that happen all around us. Trifles we wouldn’t sometimes even barely notice, small coincidences on our way home. It depends on how we look at the world. The feeling from a 1 billion dollar lottery win can be experiencing someone else while simply looking at the rising sun of a brand new day.

Native inhabitants of the lunar environment of the planet Evron can undergo 3 of these sunrises at once. They are not suns, technically speaking, because of their structure, temperature and the emitting color of light. However, as a light source known to us it’s the closest they can get. Nearby spectral nebula is in some places so dense it doesn’t transmit any light. Fluorescent Idrian particles refracts the light in all directions leading to a light inversion and, eventually, to total disintegration of the primary color spectrum. The entire macro-system is under protection of the GMP 150 treaty (Galactic miracle protection) and one can enter only under exceptional circumstances. Nevertheless, there are always some enthusiastic and passionate adventurers who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of this magnificent view. Would you be one of them?

Freedom comes when you learn to let go
Creation comes when you learn to say no…


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