Happy on the Outside

Happy on the Outside

So happy on the outside…

…Artemedis, a charming beauty of the universe, is a very rare flower only few managed to see. With its ability to cure any kind of disease and considered as the most powerful fuel in the entire universe this species has almost reached the point of its extinction. The solar system Lori’s Eye seems to be the last sanctuary, where you can see the magical flare it creates around itself while in blossoming. Due to a special Ion magnetic field of the asteroids floating around, interfering navigation systems and dwarfs deadly flares crippling engines, this and few other organisms remains hidden even from the bravest among explorers.

It’s a wonder something that delicate can survive on such a lethal place. But where would you run to when everything’s gone? The hope comes in many shapes. Sometimes in a shape you wouldn’t really expect but sometimes all you can do is watching it disappear slowly. It’s a year 4999 and something dark is about to come. All the hope is somehow fading away…

And this beauty is crying in the inside.


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Author Skylooks

Client ———

Date July 20, 2011

Category Space Chronicle

  • Photoshop 120%
  • Terragen 2 22%