Eleanors Sky

Eleanor’s Sky

Eleanor’s Sky…

….or „joyful sanctuary“ as they call it. The 10th planet of mysterious Omnicron solar system, home to the legendary Aereon race. It is written that Eleanor, the goddess of profusion and kindness, came here during the Great War between armies of light and dark. She was on the run since destruction of Mandalornion stronghold, looking for a place to hide. Black lords were after her in desperate need of breaking an ancient prophecy, using all necessary means to get to her. They were extremely powerful at that time, spreading fear, death and evil wherever they flew. Not a single solar system was spared from their wrath except one. A long forgotten one everyone considered lost forever.

The goddess was forlorn, alone in cold and emptiness even she did not recognize. Then, as she glazed at the stars for a last time, she saw a beautiful colourful moon with two planets covered in light bluish nebula scarf. They took her in. They provided her a shelter and they promised they would stay on her side.  Aereons. Shortly afterwards, the enemy discovered her hideout and gathered all of their forces and surrounded them. Even fairly outnumbered, the brave Aereons clashed them. They fought as no-one had ever fought before and achieved a glorious victory. The goddess, in return, blessed them with extremely long life and she gave birth to a new star, bringing lightness even to this lost piece of galaxy. It’s light has one purpose only-to spread love and joy for everyone with a good heart. It became a sanctuary of peace and harmony. Since then, this advanced race represents hope for the entire known universe.

„You did not bear the shame, you resisted, sacrificing your life for freedom, justice and honor“
– memorial of those who had fallen during the „Dark“war


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Author Skylooks

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Date August 27, 2009

Category Space Chronicle

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